Broken by his lies
Holding my shattered heart
Tears rolling down
Life falling apart

I believed everything you said
I truly thought you cared
I trusted you the most
Even though you were never there

I've cried to many tears
Lets you step on me
Then you went and cheated
How can this be?

I've done all I can for you
Let you break my heart
I've done all anyone can do
I let you tear my world apart

Time after time I sat there
And let my tears just fall
Contemplating suicide
Wondering if it'd matter to you at all

Everything you've done to me
I've taken with a smile and tears
I've pushed through and been honest
All for 5 years

You tore apart the good in my life
Shattered my self-esteem
I cried to you
And all you did was be mean

I only wish I could trust you again
But now my heart is shattered
But I'd still like you to know
You were the only part of my life that mattered

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