-my mood becoming just like sunset-

For everything that I am
For everything that I wanted to be
He was all that I saw just him and me..
But the truth came out
Everything now in the open
Secrets revealed
Betrayals all but spoken..

So there I went running away
Back home to the place I'd stay
Welcomed with wide open arm
Filled with love none could ever harm.
My friends my guide my protectors my aid
With them I knew my pain would fade..

Then there you were, just someone I knew
Never thought anything never had a clue
Then suddenly it happened
I can't begin to explain,
Found myself drawn to you
Was it my past emotion to blame?

It happened so easily so natural, so real
You made me feel safe, so willing again to feel
You saved me you made me let go
Then I fell for you and didn't even know..

Life brought us together so strangely yet so true
And out of all the people there, fate chose you
You were sent to me that I know for sure
My shining ray of light you my perfect cure..

So now I say thanks for all that you have done
Due to our circumstances we'll just call it fun 
You helped me darling, more than you shall know
As simple as it seemed, cause I did never show..

My time with you would be over
And then I'd soon be gone
Yet I'd have to wonder
What if we both held on strong..

So as I say goodbye
To my feelings for you in this way
I'll smile at our memory
Our memory that just couldn't stay..

But know that I'll keep it close
In some special little place
To remember moments we shared
Touching staring face to face..

p/s: maybe u are not the chosen star but u are still in my heart..get well soon..

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