-promises never broken-

Out of the gloom,
You came to brighten my life...
You smiled,
And my tears ceased to flow.
Out of the darkness,
You reached out for my heart.
Your hand touched mine,
And my life was blessed with love.
You made me seem special;
Love glowed within your eyes.
When the path was hard,
You helped me go home.
I didn't need to ask you,
To put sunshine in my heart.
You came to me on your own;
You helped me see the light.
When the others didn't care,
When the others didn't see,
You were the one,
Who brought the world to me.
Never once did you fail me,
Never once did you lie,
Your heart was so true;
Bringing peace and love.
On the nights that were cold,
Your love became my warmth.
And within my deepest fear,
Your smile became my courage.
You smiled...
And my tears ceased to flow.
You laughed...
And my heart ceased to break.
With you I was not lonely;
Your world became my own.
With you I felt sweetness,
Deep in your heart of gold.
You took away my loneliness;
You stopped all my tears.
You gave me understanding,
Within your undying love.
You made me an eternal promise,
To always be mine,
To be here for me always,
Through any sad days of time.
You gave me your love,
When the world gave only pain.
You gave me your strength,
And let me live again.
You gave me hope,
When I had given up long ago.
You gave me truth,
To build my hopes upon.
I hung on tight,
To the love you gave for me...
In a world of confusion and bliss,
You were here for me.
But now I must let go,
For you are forever gone.
And I know no matter how I wish,
You will not be back again.
It's very hard to say goodbye,
To the one who touched my life with love,
But I know you would want me to be happy,
To be as I became from your love.
A reflection on the water...
I see your sweet smile.
A teardropp on my cheek...
I remember your laugh.
I believe in tomorrow;
We shall meet again,
So I can thank you for your love,
For making the sun shine again.
Standing here all alone,
Where I once stood with you,
I remember your promise of forever,
And your promises were never broken.
And as silent raindrops fall,
A smile touches my lips,
As I remember your promise,
To love me eternally.

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