-words before going to sleep...-

you can't break me to pieces
i'm already broken..
you can't make me cry
i'm already crying..
you can't make me hurt
i'm already dying..
through this i know the worst has come
my nightmare has just begun..
i feel scared and alone with no one around..
i choke on my sobs but you'll never hear a sound.
i want to be breathless, to feel no more..
i'm already broken, starting at my core..
i'm weak and i'm fragile if you don't already know
  i do my best to make it not show..
i'm broken and shattered, shaking inside..
all i want to do now is run..and forever hide..
maybe if i'm alone no one could hurt me anymore..
i can live in my own pain and misery..
maybe he won't even miss me..

good night everyone
sweet dreams and sleep tight

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